Our Ancient Friends

by Ptarmigan

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released April 18, 2009


all rights reserved



Ptarmigan Columbia, Missouri

Ptarmigan is a modern band of the powerfolk ambioPop genre formed in Columbia, Missouri in 2007. Evan Walton, Peter Marting, and Ted Carstensen create intricate, powerful explosions from simple folk roots and catchy melodies over levels of ambiance. They often infuse field recordings and laboratory discoveries in their songs to paint pictures of nature and longing. ... more

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Track Name: Lord Who Built This House
barely standing by the north sea my ancient friends are all waking up from the waves from the sand from the graves and their hands reach up.
my heart is racing to some finish line far off somewhere and i follow cause i hope to see you there where it goes where it pulls la di da la la.
la la la la la la la la la la la la and i slip back
la la la la la la la la la la la la and i slip back to those secret stairs dusty quilt shaggy rug lord who built this house
stand not far from me for i'm troubled fear my sheep have strayed oh no i slip back years into small muddy shoes to see
those school busses in the woods one of them right one flipped upside down they're side by side but the kids are all grown up now
oh god there is no natural disaster to explain whats happened
i just counted the stars there were four of them of maybe there were five does a tea kettle make a kitchen keeping that in mind
oh god there was no natural disaster to explain whats happened here
Track Name: Pleistocene
i will fight to expedite another lonesome winter we'll push and try its hard to know
your eyes are left over from the pleistocene but i'm no nervous firstborn we'll fix the rust under your eyelids
we saw it we thought it was the sunset oh oh oh we saw it we thought it was the sunset oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh no we thought this can't be right the sunset in the morning oh oh oh oh
i've half a mind to pack-up retreat but the other half's not inside of me with rising tide and bowing trees my lover my love to me to me
all the things that i thought i would think well the pleistocene fell to modern hands we were vaporized where we stood
never heard the bomb go off i just can't help but think it would sound something like this
Track Name: Stars On Patrol
didn't want you to know that his heart was beating too slow his heart oh no
didnt want to take a breath if you do they'll beat him to death of course they wont
didn't want you to go if you die will you just let me know
and words they fall from the elm of the autumn i wait for the frost now to take me you know how
but i didn't wanna tell you but i had to sometime anyway now that you know its even harder just to wash away
didn't anybody miss you? the winter was as cold as it could be i'll say why yes it was the strangest oppurunity
now all my blood will run to someplace that its never been before and i'll chase it down because my hearts not beating anymore and more and more
i saw your face when they died while they waited the stars are on patrol now so i wont let go of you
didn't want to take a breath cause his heart was beating to death his heart just stopped
Track Name: Good Morning Holocene
felt like i was gonna say something stopped just a little bit short in the dark our words tend to wander where did they go?
continental drifting is so hard to know where we'll be and if we arrive in the same place just brace for this undeniable crush
cause i am a mourner i was born in this corner on the widening sea and the suns not rising hey thats not surprising morning holocene
cause i could make a mark in the shape of a heart on the window of your car but i'm afraid that youde find out that it was me
Track Name: Valley Of Some Sort
your face glows blue with the second hand light reflected off the moon reveals your true identity how youre not so youre not so terrestrial
Track Name: Eardrums Burst
the air becomes thick
tree branches crack
eardrums burst your still intact just sit on your perch and watch everything collapse
we made a promise just stay intact
and with broken bones broken brass standing on the base of pyramids of black
i don't know where to go how to go back babe I'm okay just you stay intact
the air becomes thick tree branches crack eardrums burst
Track Name: Hydroelectric Power Commission: Fear Holds Us Back
and its been said this town is not the same
perhaps we woke in a different shape
because the streetlights are sound
and the hearts are still loud in this quiet town
i love all these ordinary men
they know what its like to be my friend
taking off a day a day of rest
aving all my treasures for the chest
climbing on the finger cliffs alone
walking round the city on my own
show me what its like but not that fast
they know that the afternoon wont last
and its been said i am not the same
perhaps i woke in a different shape
Track Name: Thylacine
wheres the wolf? has he gone with stegosaurus? and the raw fingertips that rise above that rise above bone white forests
is he with our ancient friends who laid the moss and makes ground quiver? button grass it bows to pray for you dark tears yield black rivers
the sea of white we walk on is dark at the cycles end so tell me now as i stand before you where is the wolf? wheres the wolf?
Track Name: Le 'Ospital
i'll wait for landslides at the shoals but i need a flashflood to melt the walls
your heartstream is drying in the dirt but i bleed out too fast for it to hurt
stop this! your own life's at the shoal we ride our hearts drive to the poles
my heart drinks blood and its always thirsty but i've evolved to show it no mercy
but i don't want the same four letters the PQRSPQRS and i don't care what the nurse said 'bout PQRSPQRSPQRS
Track Name: Interloper
water turned against itself young clouds they follow you around how impressive blocking out the sun for a second you're not big enough yet
hello i'm an interloper like grass in the seams st. stephens square born yesterday of empty wind aimless breeze wandering gale
today i'm gonna break i'm gonna break i'm gonna break like waves repeating repeating repeat this to me
or whats left in my chest is a flutter i didn't notice you were here
i'de like to tell you about yourself about yourself but oh my sigh betrays me if i've left i don't know where
i am an interloper if i've left i don't know where i am
oh know we don't have an anchor oh no!

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